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CEO - Naiara Pimenta

    Naiara Pimenta is a businesswoman and well known asthetician in Massachusetts who has been active in the professional area of aesthetics for several years. She is always updating her qualifications and investing in qualified professionals to work in her company. The Professional is also bilingual, offering services in English and Portuguese, as well as being able to communicate with customers who speak Spanish.

    She previously ran her own business for years prior to Royal Aesthetics. However, as she is always looking for innovations, Naiara started Royal Aesthetics with a new location and upcoming projects for the company thinking about the best for her customers.



Exceed the expectations of our customers and make them feel satisfied with the results obtained through aesthetic procedures, promoting the improvement of their self-esteem.


To be the biggest reference in the field of aesthetics in the places where we operate.


Ethics, innovation, commitment, quality, knowledge, professionalism and transparency.

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The Brand

   The color chosen for the Royal Aesthetics brand is gold due to its representation. Gold means wisdom, knowledge, quality, success, value, elegance, sophistication, perfection, understanding and accomplishment. Values ​​that the brand believes for always aiming at innovation, preserving the best service and results and investing in qualified professionals.

   Along with the Royal name, the color is also associated with wealth, royalty and gold. Each of these characteristics has a meaning within the brand: wealth, as we are rich in knowledge, always seeking to provide high quality procedures; royalty, because we always want to make our clients feel special and make the results promote an improvement of their self-esteem; gold, since we believe in our difference, authority and potential in the aesthetics field, as well as the power that the gold has among metals.

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